Tower of Sorrow Update 1.4

Ahoy Tower Explorers!
Since I got a lot of feedback last week i decide to do also a new devlog showing all errors and fixes:

Update 1.2:
on level 4 there was a death loop - when player jump like on picture "A" he didn't have enough space to maneuver on screen below so he could not avoid those spikes. I was trying other solutions but some of them can even broke game even further (look video).

Image showing fix
video showing one of bad solution to fix this issue.

Update 1.3: on level 6 when player discover secret he could jump back up from it and end into death loop - i didn't notice that player can jump back up.
Update 1.3: on level 6 player could spawn more gold on screen edge when move back and forth - change place of that one gold.

Image showing fix

Update 1.4: on level 7 same like in level 4 player didn't have enough space to maneuver on screen below so he ended in death loop falling into acid - redesign those two screens.
Update 1.4: add one block more to screen.

Image showing fix


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Jan 31, 2021

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It worked. Thanks about your work and  you.

No problem :)

it's strange it required $3.00

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I think that beacuse it is devlog. If you enter project page you should see something like "You own this game" Download button and when you Claimed it. If still not, I see your email in buyers list so I can send you a code that you will activete with this account :) Let me know how it goes. 

hi is this update require some bucks?

what? no, updates are free